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Sunday, December 12, 2004

You know when you're around someone you're not really friends with and you just get major vibes that something is wrong, something is horribly not right, and you want to fix it because even though you're not friends you think the other person is cool, or whatever, but you just.. can't...? I hate it so, so much.
Semi was kind of crappy. Caroline took pictures but I have 2 chins and a hunched back so... no link. God I wish I wasn't quite so damn ugly. How annoying T__T.

Tara's coming over later today to work on the diorama for spanish. I'm kind of pissed that the teacher gave us this project when I'm already struggling with another (more important, i might add) project, and trying to catch back up in math. But I guess it's my fault in the first place for being such a slacker, and why would a teacher plan things around MY schedule anyways when there are like 17+ other kids in the class. *rolls eyes* I know, I'm so selfish.

*gasp* 18 kids? Last year I had like 45 in my science class alone! Dang.
Good luck with your projects and, even though I've never seen a picture, I'm sure you're not ugly. It's probably just low self esteem.
are you heckerslike ugly!!! best of luck with your work, charli xx
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