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Friday, December 10, 2004

It kind of frustrates me when people glorify war.
Especially starting one.

Have you seen those code things on blogs that are like "War was declared on the United States of America blah blah days blah minutes and blah seconds ago"?
They absolutely piss me off.
In case you weren't sure, they were referring to the attacks of 9/11.
I'd like to clarify something for my ignorant fellow-inhabitators-of-the-States: War was not declared on us. This is primarily because Osama Bin Laden, who isn't from Iraq, in case you forgot >_>, was behind the plane crashes into the Twin Towers. Saddem Hussein and his country... that's where the current (and rather stupid *cough*) war is. Not against Bin Laden.

No matter what my personal beliefs are, regarding Democrat vs Republican, Bush vs Kerry, etc, it's not something to be proud about that your country is killing innocents, and the occasional guilty person.
And if you really think that War was declared ON us, instead of BY us, then you really need to get your facts straight. Thank you, enjoy your day.

Happy New Year!

FWIW - the "War was declared on the United States of America W days, X hours, Y minutes and Z seconds ago" applet does not, in and of itself, directly support the ongoing military actions in Iraq. It is meant to ensure that those of us in this country don't forget what we were subjected to on 9/11. And while their war against us has been ongoing for a decade or three most of this country failed to see that threat (or to see them as a threat) until 9/11. In that regard war was declared on 9/11 - is it a declaration of war if the enemy doesn't know it / acknowledge it?

Oh, and Yes - OBL is the primary responsbible party for 9/11, which is why he tops the wanted list.
(However, Iraq MOST CERTAINLY WAS a threat; and would still be except for our troops being over there, spreading democracy, and defeating terrorists.)

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