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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I think this layout is, in terms of ease of use and such, one of the worst I've made. I looove the picture of L'Arc and the idea, I guess, but overall it just.. sucks major ass. I'm working on redoing it, and making the blog more the focus of the site.. and getting rid of the extra crap (which there isn't too much of, and what is there *is* crap)...
Eh, that last part sounds like me being melodramatic and stupidly-over-stressed. My slacking habits in school are scaring me majorly.
Especially since friday we're getting progress reports. I havent gotton one grade higher than a C on a test in math all this half of the semester.... most of them low Ds/Fs... and... oh god. I should just kill myself now. My mom is going to murder me, absolutely annihilate me Friday.
But really... wtf is with an F? I used to get straight B-/B+'s in math.. not the best grades, but good enough for my mom.
I'm not sure if I'm "smart", or not, I just know that even though math is soooo easy and I think I get it... I'm obviously not. Hence the f, for "FAILURE."

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