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Monday, November 29, 2004

OMG! OMG! OMFG! I just got りビド (*) by ナイトメア !!!!!!!! It rocks ;P And it has reaaaally nice pictures of them *drool* Especially Hitsugi.. and before I didn't have any feelings, concerning his looks. As usual, Sakito is goooorgeous, :P

Oh but... it seems my winamp is broken YET A-FUCKING-GAIN >_>

(*) well, that's not quite how it was written in katakana, but that's, according to multiple sources, how it SHOULD have been written.. it is pronounced "Ribido", as in "Libido"... :D

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Happy Birthday Ken!!! ^__^
(no graphee cause I'm lazy...& making graphees for friends)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

You know that feeling when suddenly you're like "Wait. They don't care about me, do they?" (they being your friends)...? That's kind of... frustrating. I mean yesterday I spazzed at Becky (in a mean way, not my usual psycho way XP), and then was being an idiot and I dunno, I could hear myself saying instead "Shut up! Shut up and STOP!" but the rest of me doesn't listen. And you know, my mom is exactly the same. I know what it's like now, but that doesn't suddenly make it right. So.. I just have to get myself to LISTEN to the rest of me.

Oh and, going to see Alexander in a few. Yay! Hehehe :) I heard it was crap but I like to decide for myself. I might put up a little review after.
Speaking of which. I have a few reviews I need to add. If I can find them anymore o_O; XP. Ah well. Lataz ;P

Friday, November 26, 2004

{begin randomness}
you know what really bothers me - when people say "blog" in real life. to me, it's just.. not a word that you say. it kind of makes me twitch even when it's just written, but it's almost unbearable when people say it. i don't know why. maybe because the word is so ugly? it sounds incredibly stupid when you say it.
and i've just realized i havent capitalized any of my sentences. ARGH. I need to stop doing that. >_>. Bad habit I got into by accident.. I will succeed in stopping! Lol.
{/ end randomness}
So I hope all Americans had a happy Thanksgiving? Mine was nice :)
Hm. Can't think of anything else to say.
Oh yeah. I got the PV to "Baka Ni Natta No Ni" by Plastic Tree. o___O; It's "trippiness" (re: it's on crack!) *almost* rivals Neo Universe's PV. o_O;. Seriously.
Going to a birthday party in a few hours. And tomorrow going to see Alexander the Great. XP. Adieu ^^

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Birthday Yuki! ^___^ Graphee xP.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Well I'm not too sure about this layout right now. Eh. I like it - I mean, duh, it's L'Arc~En~Ciel! But.. um.. it's not very.. whats the word? I dunno, adaptable, or "working" (well, as an adjective) or something. Eh. I really don't know, heh. But anyways.
I'm thinking of changing this from what it is, to mainly a... blog. And writings site. I'd put my writings here and stuff, and keep the icons and reviews but that's about it.
I dunno though. I tend to be indecisive by nature, heh.
Ah well, I suuuuuposé.
Argh, I'm so bored. -> You can tell by the way I type (adding random accents and dragging out letters.)

Edit: Heya! Fixed up the layout :) I kind of like it now ^__^. So that means this is *ready to open* woohoo :P


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