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Thursday, April 07, 2005

WTF. Get away from this. XDD. It's CLOSED. Yesssss.

If you want more of me (=P), though, you can either visit my livejournal or my blog. Becuase Roku; is gone, else I'd link that and nothing else. *grumbles*

Anyways. If you feel obliged to comment.. DO NOT COMMENT HERE. (Ignore the tag-board too, for fucks sake.) Comment at Cellophane , my blog. Thank you and goodnight. =P

~ <3 Taori

Monday, December 20, 2004


Fanlistings all should have been notified about this but if I forgot (sorry!) please send me an e-mail (taorismile[at]yahoo[dot]com).

Affiliates, sorry 'bout this.

And um, anyone who per chance visited my site.

I'll leave this up until it gets deleted or I feel like deleting it *shrug*

Thanks for being a great host, Bess ^__^

Monday, December 13, 2004

Feel like crap but that's okay xP. Am at school (HELL >_>)

Quick: Thinking of getting rid of the blog and making this into a downloady site. I mean, I have my livejournal and all. So tell me what you think okay? BTW first I have to talk to Bess (my host ;D) about it, of course (so Bess if you read this before I get to... um.. let me know what you think ;D)

Gotta go - class is almost over. XP. *sigh* Can't waiiiit for this to eeeend.

Oh.. everyone go join lj~

Sunday, December 12, 2004

You know when you're around someone you're not really friends with and you just get major vibes that something is wrong, something is horribly not right, and you want to fix it because even though you're not friends you think the other person is cool, or whatever, but you just.. can't...? I hate it so, so much.
Semi was kind of crappy. Caroline took pictures but I have 2 chins and a hunched back so... no link. God I wish I wasn't quite so damn ugly. How annoying T__T.

Tara's coming over later today to work on the diorama for spanish. I'm kind of pissed that the teacher gave us this project when I'm already struggling with another (more important, i might add) project, and trying to catch back up in math. But I guess it's my fault in the first place for being such a slacker, and why would a teacher plan things around MY schedule anyways when there are like 17+ other kids in the class. *rolls eyes* I know, I'm so selfish.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

>_> Me = stupid.
Why this time?
Because last night I was really lazy and tired and comfy in my bed, and realized I needed to cath. Last time I had was 2-3 hrs ago. But I somehow convinced myself it would be no big deal if I waited til the morning.
Bad idea >_>
So today I woke up quite early, my stomach killing me and me being like "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" So I had to run to go cath but the catheter was being a bitch.. but only for a moment or two, which is better than usual, and as soon as I had my stomach decided it liked me again.

[Edit] Oh and, Who Links Here .

Aw, poo. Looks like my site... sucks. >_>. Any suggestions for content? Or do you think it's the layout? ... I'm going to fix this (this = content) soon, so that it has the content again. Right now I'm just too lazy. I was thinking of only putting back up the reviews, and the "basics" about me. And the "about the site." And then adding some stuff, like "about [band name here]" etc etc. Suggestions, anyone? [/Edit]

Friday, December 10, 2004

It kind of frustrates me when people glorify war.
Especially starting one.

Have you seen those code things on blogs that are like "War was declared on the United States of America blah blah days blah minutes and blah seconds ago"?
They absolutely piss me off.
In case you weren't sure, they were referring to the attacks of 9/11.
I'd like to clarify something for my ignorant fellow-inhabitators-of-the-States: War was not declared on us. This is primarily because Osama Bin Laden, who isn't from Iraq, in case you forgot >_>, was behind the plane crashes into the Twin Towers. Saddem Hussein and his country... that's where the current (and rather stupid *cough*) war is. Not against Bin Laden.

No matter what my personal beliefs are, regarding Democrat vs Republican, Bush vs Kerry, etc, it's not something to be proud about that your country is killing innocents, and the occasional guilty person.
And if you really think that War was declared ON us, instead of BY us, then you really need to get your facts straight. Thank you, enjoy your day.

Okay. Progress reports today. *waves white flag* Lol.

Winamp broke again. >_>. So I had to (re x a lot u_u)download it.

Oh, and, new layout. I have to re-add the content (i mean, change the layout), but i'm thinking of making a diff lay for those. Eh, sorry but you'll have to wait a little :) I promise to make the blog interesting from now on xP.

Semi tomorrow. W00t :) No date but what the hell, right?

Um. Got my psat scores back, T_T. You can go to my lj entry if you want to read about them XP

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I think this layout is, in terms of ease of use and such, one of the worst I've made. I looove the picture of L'Arc and the idea, I guess, but overall it just.. sucks major ass. I'm working on redoing it, and making the blog more the focus of the site.. and getting rid of the extra crap (which there isn't too much of, and what is there *is* crap)...
Eh, that last part sounds like me being melodramatic and stupidly-over-stressed. My slacking habits in school are scaring me majorly.
Especially since friday we're getting progress reports. I havent gotton one grade higher than a C on a test in math all this half of the semester.... most of them low Ds/Fs... and... oh god. I should just kill myself now. My mom is going to murder me, absolutely annihilate me Friday.
But really... wtf is with an F? I used to get straight B-/B+'s in math.. not the best grades, but good enough for my mom.
I'm not sure if I'm "smart", or not, I just know that even though math is soooo easy and I think I get it... I'm obviously not. Hence the f, for "FAILURE."


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